Welcome to my blog, my lovelies!
Hey, I'm Sarah, 17 and from the small island called the UK.

My blog is basically based around bands and music although there'll be some positivity stuff too because what's not to love about positivity?! I must warn you though, some of my posts may be triggering but I do not promote any self-destroying acts.

I'm a fan of music, always have been, always will be.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who is recovering from her past. I despise using public transport and I love God. That's about it; there's nothing more you really need to know about me!

Stay strong my lovelies, my ask is always open to anyone who needs me! You can always add me on kik (HopefulDreamer97) or Snapchat (rainbowsrock97). Love you guys!

Oh, and if no one has already told you this today, you're beautiful and you're loved. <3
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